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Birds of a Feather

Organized closets aren’t just for the birds – keeping like colors together in your closet and dresser is more than just pretty. Dyes of dark colors can “off-gas” as the fibers naturally break down from age and exposure to light and moisture.  The off-gassing from darker dyes can stain lighter colored clothes – so your white dress shirt could pick up a dark stain over time.

Geometry Class

School’s in session for high fashion, and we are loving this geometry lesson. Block colors make a dramatic statement – from the board room to a day at the park, it’s fun, it’s accessible and it’s a Spring must have.  Gearing up for spring break?  Stylish swimwear featuring this great geometric trend is flattering for all figures.

A Stitch in Time

Let us know if you have a loose button or a falling hem. Out talented staff can repair your favorite clothes so you can keep wearing them time and time again. Hemming a new pair of pants? Don’t forget to let us know if you want to keep your original hem.  And don’t forget to call ahead for a fitting on your specialty garments– our expert seamstress/tailor will keep you looking your best.

Spring wardrobe buying tips

It’s spring, and stores are flinging open their doors, so start your engines.

Get what you need for summer now, but control your spending by asking yourself:

  • Do I love this piece enough for it to be a favorite in my closet?
  • Will I remove an old piece, in trade for the something new?
  • Am I thinking basic replacement, or something trendy?

  • Do I need staples or accessories?

  • Can I rejuvenate my current pieces with jewelry, belt, scarf or shoes?

Take an hour, just you and your closet (and maybe your daughter) to survey your wardrobe. Try on, discard or donate pieces that you didn’t wear last spring or summer. And don’t forget the shoes, handbags, belts and scarves!

Cleaning the Greener Way

Have you avoided buying “dry clean only” clothes because of some “chemical” reputation? New technology has made cleaning eco-friendly and we’ve invested time and money to switch over. Ask us about our greener processes. Everything from 100% wet cleaning to new environmental-friendly professional cleaning solvents — now there are greener ways to care for your wardrobe.