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Cut off at the elbows

Have you noticed wear and tear on your shirt cuffs?  A business shirt has a lifetime of about 35 washes – after that the fibers begin to naturally break down and show fraying, fringe and color loss.  The next evidence of age is wear at the elbows. But don’t worry when that happens to your favorite shirt – our alterations staff can turn long sleeves into short. Upcycling older dress shirts gives you a low cost way to add another round of wear.

Out of the closet

Does shared closet space make finding your favorite outfit a hassle? Tired of shuffling dry cleaning bags only to find the pants you were looking for was in another bag with your partner’s jacket?  Let us know on your next visit – we’re happy to package your cleaning separately based on male, female, and children’s attire. Then putting them away is a snap. Better yet, finding your outfit during early morning marathons to work and school becomes so much easier.

Enzymes to the rescue

Did you know phosphates are harmful to healthy water quality, but often used in laundry detergents to fight stains?  Read the ingredient labels when buying home detergents.  Our cleaning products are enzyme-based cleaners that you can’t buy for at home use. They cost more a little more and are a lot more complicated to use that home products. Enzymes only work in a specific temperature range and require proper equipment to ensure the enzymes are allowed to do their work.  Interested in finding more information on the science of phosphates?  Start here and learn how you can reduce the impact from your home,  http://goo.gl/vIs7O

Turn up the color

Patterns are going bright and bohemian this summer in D&G’s Milan runway style.  From long flowing maxi dresses to short layered mini’s – there is a style for every age, personality, event and body type.  Dress up the styles with high heels, dress them down with sandals, or try everything in between.  But remember, let your drycleaner know when bringing these gems in for cleaning – their styles require special care and handling to maintain the vibrant colors.  Watch the runway video for upbeat inspiration at http://goo.gl/rIhHz

Six Rules to Live By: Assess and Ask before Doing Anything!

  • Oily stains are usually “blotchy,” with no outline around the perimeter
  • Never put water or water-based stain removers on an oily stain
  • Oily stains usually require drycleaning
  • Bleach does not remove oily stains — new or old
  • Point out all food stains and perspiration stains to your drycleaner
  • Clean or wash all clothing before storing, and do not store in plastic