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Saving clothes for next season

Want to save those great clothes for next season? Keep them out of light and moisture to prevent damage and discoloration. Always keep like colored items next to each other, with the darks away from the lights to prevent off-gassing. Talk to us about your storage options. We can provide affordable garment bags in all sizes to keep your favorite fashion styles looking fresh and new year-round!

Complimentary Claret

The holiday season is ushering in deep wine hues to complement this Fall’s neutral tones. They are a perfect contrast to brown, camel, navy and grey. Are you hesitant to fill your closet with such bold colors? Remember to pick one statement piece – try a burgundy overcoat like this one from Tommy Hillfiger- you will be sure to turn heads and have a diverse addition to your wardrobe.

Care Tags

Hand washing may not always be the answer – “dry clean only” may seem like a scare tactic, but the manufacturer has tested the fabric, patterns and styles prior to production; hand washing may cause colors to bleed, styles to … Continue reading

Care Tip: Handling a spill emergency

You just spilled something on yourself – what’s your first instinct? Like most of us, it’s to immediately scrub it off. Stop yourself – excess pressure or rubbing will actually push the spill into the fabric fibers, and the accident may not come out. That’s how a spill becomes a stain. Take a deep breath, there is help. Bring it to us immediately – our professionally trained staff will help save the day. If that’s not possible, blot lightly, put a smile on and save face while saving your clothes – then drop it off as soon as possible.

Fashion Forward: Winter is all about the textures

Texture, texture, texture – this is the new mantra for fashion divas during the winter 2011 season. High fashion is making its mark with soft furs, lace, leather, tweeds and even plastic – luxury, countryside chic, and edgy military looks dominate the trend. Check out the video of classic designer Oscar de la Renta’s Winter 2011 collection - he brings this new hot trend together in one must-have piece after another.