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The Perfect Fit

It’s sweater season – and like every year, there is always that one favorite that gets stretched out when you wear it – but don’t worry! Let us know when dropping it off – we can block and size your sweater back to the perfect fit. For those hard to size garments, we will take measurements and keep them on file for future cleanings!

Buying a stylish, but functional winter coat: Tips to remember

Shearling should be distinguished between “fake” and real. While both are warm, “real” shearling, with its lamb or “poodle” looking fur is both wind and water-resistant.

Cons of Real Shearling:

  • Can stain and soil easily — so it must be inspected after each wearing.
  • Ink stains can be difficult to remove
  • Must be cleaned each season by a specialist
  • Should be stored in a cool, breathable environment

Down is, ounce for ounce, the warmest and lightest material. It is also the most compressible—as well as one of the most durable.


  • It’s more expensive than poly-fill
  • It loses insulating properties when wet
  • It’s labor intensive to clean, and very slow to dry
  • May contain allergens, because down is not entirely hypoallergenic.

Poly-fill and “puffer” coats are easy to care for, completely hypoallergenic, and offer a greater range of options for those on a budget.


  • Can be bulky to wear and less compact than down
  • Heavier than down
  • Breaks down over time
  • May not drape as well as down

Wool and cashmere can be very warm, especially if lined. Both can be treated to be water-resistant—and provide a good barrier to cold and wind—but performance is specific to each coat. Cashmere is typically lighter and offers more mobility than “basic” wool.


  • Wool can be heavy and bulky to wear and store
  • Can take on an odor when wet
  • May be a problem for sensitive or allergic people

Saving clothes for next season

Want to save those great clothes for next season? Keep them out of light and moisture to prevent damage and discoloration. Always keep like colored items next to each other, with the darks away from the lights to prevent off-gassing. Talk to us about your storage options. We can provide affordable garment bags in all sizes to keep your favorite fashion styles looking fresh and new year-round!

Complimentary Claret

The holiday season is ushering in deep wine hues to complement this Fall’s neutral tones. They are a perfect contrast to brown, camel, navy and grey. Are you hesitant to fill your closet with such bold colors? Remember to pick one statement piece – try a burgundy overcoat like this one from Tommy Hillfiger- you will be sure to turn heads and have a diverse addition to your wardrobe.

Care Tags

Hand washing may not always be the answer – “dry clean only” may seem like a scare tactic, but the manufacturer has tested the fabric, patterns and styles prior to production; hand washing may cause colors to bleed, styles to … Continue reading