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Shear luxury.

If you’re lucky enough to have a shearling jacket to help beat the chilly weather, you’re sure to want to protect your investment. Martha Stewart has the answers for stains and routine care. Spot clean with a gentle detergent or castile soap mixed with water, then roll the garment in a large white bath towel to absorb any liquid before air drying. After you wear a shearling garment, shake to remove surface dust and inspect for stains. Professional cleaning is a must for tough stains.       

Masks, hats and gloves.

Keeping safe and warm is a lot more pleasant when items are clean and fresh. If you chose to home-launder, a few timely tips from Real Simple: Wash knit caps and gloves like sweaters; machine-wash knits on delicate cycle in cold water. Launder cloth masks like regular clothing, using hot water or dryer settings. Spot-clean structured newsboy and baseball caps to keep brims in shape. Handwash leather trimmed gloves. Or bring everything to the experts. We’re skilled at even the stickiest stains.

Wash before wearing.

New clothing comes with more than just a new look. Almost all fabric is treated with a cocktail of chemicals that can cause irritation, including preservatives to prevent mold or mildew during shipping, formaldehyde resins, dyes and finishing chemicals.  A simple launder or dry cleaning will remove chemical manufacturing residue that can lead to contact dermatitis, eczema outbreaks or respiratory problems from simply breathing the fumes.   

Join us in honoring our veterans.

We’re proud of their service to our country and thankful for the protection they provide for our American way of life. Let’s remember to thank those who serve, those who sacrifice and their families.  

Clean your cloth masks.

Keeping your face mask clean is almost as important as wearing one. The experts weigh in with tips: washing properly between wearings keeps your mask from becoming contaminated. Add to your washer with regular laundry, wash in hot water and dry. Using a mesh lingerie bag helps keep ear loops from tangling. Remember that the outside surface of any mask can become contaminated after one exposure to the Covid virus. Treat every unwashed mask as potentially dangerous until its properly washed and dries