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White towels for summer

Towels that once were bright and fluffy may turn dull and dingy with use. A helpful article in hunker.com offers a few easy steps to restore the joys of a clean white towel and lengthen the life of your linens. Try adding 1/2 cup of washing soda (or 1 cup of baking soda) to a towels-only wash load. Don’t overcrowd –three or four large towels per load gives room to agitate, rinse and spin. Presoak in hot water with your usual detergent – but only the recommended amount. Avoid chlorine bleach – it weakens fibers. Use an oxygen bleach to whiten. Avoid fabric softeners of any kind, they coat the fibers with a waxy residue that prevents them from absorbing water. And line dry in the sunshine to naturally whiten and add an unmatchable fresh scent.

Face mask cleaning

If reusable fabric face masks have become part of your routine, you probably know that keeping masks clean is critical. Ideally, you’ll wash your mask after each wearing, using a mild detergent in the machine or mild dish soap when hand-washing. Bleach, ammonia or fabric softeners aren’t recommended. Heat kills the virus, so either use hot water or a hot dryer. Ironing with a steam iron adds a crisp look and extra virus-killing. Don’t share masks and treat a used (worn) mask as potentially contaminated, toss it in a plastic bag until you can properly clean it. Yes, it’s a bit of extra work, but you’re helping stop the spread of corona virus and avoiding filling the garbage with disposable masks.

Make your clothes last longer

Do turn your clothes inside out before washing. That’s the way they were assembled, and especially on dark items, you’ll be helping preserve the rich dark tones (and any applied graphics) from unnecessary friction. Do use a delicates mesh bag to prevent snagging, tearing and stretching. Do separate fabric types when you can. Cottons and polysters need different temperatures and spin cycles. Don’t overload your washing machine or use too much detergent. And don’t use hot water unless you need to. Today’s machines and laundry detergents work just great with cold or cool water. Check the garment care instructions.

Suited for success.

As business slowly gets back to “the before times”, don’t slack on your appearance.  Meeting face to face requires a different dressing strategy than Zoom. When you want to make a first-rate impression, nothing beats your best suit. Make sure the details are right: crisp shirt, snug tie, cuffs showing just about ¾ inch. Always brush for lint with a fabric brush or a sticky lint remover. Clean, shined shoes? Make sure your trousers have a proper hem — pants should rest on the top of the shoe with a small “break ” and should only be shorter if the pants have a cuff. Remember, professional alterations are almost always a good investment on any off-the rack suit.

Losing space to memories?

Are precious keepsake garments taking up valuable closet space? Christening gowns, ceremonial attire, letter jackets, afghans and wedding gowns all take up space and seldom come out of storage. Your keepsake items can be cleaned and preserved for future generations, and the boxing makes them easy to store on a shelf or in the attic. We not only clean and package wedding gowns, we also do prom dresses, dress uniforms and those precious baby outfits.