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Having fits?

If you gained (or lost) a little around the middle during the pandemic, the summer or the fall, time to check for comfortable fit on your winter wear. You can always pick up a new pair of Spanx, roomier sweatpants or expandable comfort waist trousers. Better yet, our alterations department can usually do wonders up a size or down a couple on classic winter woolens.

Thanksgiving leftovers still on the tablecloth?

If your candles dripped on the tablecloth, let everything cool and peel the wax off with your fingers. If it’s stubborn, freeze the tablecloth, then scrape off the wax with a credit card. Wash in hot water to remove the remaining embedded wax. Better yet, and a lot easier, bring your begrimed table linens to us for expert stain removal, professional cleaning and wrinkle-free finishing. We’re experts at rescuing lace, linen and cotton blend napkins, runners and tablecloths.

Time to give thanks.

We’re inspired by author William Faulkner’s quotation: “Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.”

While we’re all getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family, we’d like to take a moment to thank a few important people in our lives. Thanks to our staff, who deliver quality and service every day. Thanks to our community, without your support we’d be nothing. Thanks to our families, for understanding that running a business is a 24/7 commitment.  And thanks to you, our customer and friend. We’re all lucky, blessed and need to share our gratitude every day.

Cashmere deluxe.

While it still can seem like a splurge, cashmere’s more affordable than ever. But it’s an investment worth protecting. Wait for deodorant to dry before putting on your sweater to prevent build up and stains. Wear cashmere sweaters no more more than once a week to avoid stretching. Retouch wrinkles with an iron on low, press inside out. And for years of pleasurable wear, dry clean your cashmere before storing (folded in tissue) to avoid moth damage.

Dress the table.

Let our linens department help put the finishing touches on your tablecloth and napkins. Nothing’s as nice as professional pressing – and our experts can remove most stains, even on delicate lace and linen. Bring your holiday linens in now … Continue reading