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Button, button.

Let us know if you have a loose button or a falling hem. Our staff will make repairs so you can keep wearing your favorites time and time again. Hemming a new pair of pants? Let us know if you want to keep the original hem. And don’t forget to call ahead for a fitting on special cold-weather and dress-up garments – our expert seamstress/tailor will keep you looking your best.

Clothes feeling snugger?

Before you blame stay-at-home snacking, check your dryer settings and remember the last 15% of drying time is when shrinkage occurs, and it can be permanent. Dry your clothes on delicate to avoid shrinkage and set the timer for a shorter period. You can always add time to dry, but can’t reverse it if you have dried too long. Another hint – don’t mix lightweight silks and rayons with heavier cottons and polyesters – they will dry out faster and are the most prone to heat damage, while the cottons stay wet and keep your dryer spinning.

Attic memories.

Are you keeping an old military uniform, letter jacket or baby blanket in your attic? Bring us your special family heirlooms. Our cleaning process protects delicate fibers, prevents aging stains. We can repair most of the tears and loose seams of time. Ask us about our boxing and preservation options — so you can pass on the memories to the next generation.

Holiday head start.

Prepare early. Holiday entertaining should be a joy, not a chore. Now’s the time to get your guest room ready. Clear the closet and reline the dresser drawers. Strip the bed and flip the mattress. Linen or cotton sheets and pillowcases should be flawless (we can help with professional laundering and hotel-crisp ironing). Make up the bed with a set of firm and soft pillows, light and heavy blankets and a lightweight throw for afternoon naps. Splurge on an extra set of guest towels, tied with a twill ribbon for that extra “welcome” touch.


Ever notice those three letters on almost every zipper? Turns out, they stand for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, the Japanese company that makes 90% of the world’s zippers in 206 factories in 52 countries. They even make the machines that make the zippers. Their largest factory, in Georgia, makes over 7 million zippers every day. Their goal of making the best zippers quickly made them the world leader, following the founder’s philosophy  “No one prospers unless he renders benefit to others.”  Come to think of it, we follow the same rule in our business. We are, however, a lot smaller.