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Stain removal rescue

Beware of D.I.Y stain remover tips – they often do more harm than good.  Remember three basics – 1. Never pick or scratch at the stain, it breaks the fabric and causes permanent damage. 2. Don’t rub anything into the stain – you are pushing the stain into the fabric, not taking it out. 3. Do not put anything on the stain, it can cause color loss.  Trust the experts.  Save your favorite garment and bring it to us immediately – and remember to tell us what you spilled. We’re trained to get stains out, professionally.

Ring in the New Year Looking Your Best

Are you getting prepared for a big 2022 New Year’s Eve Gala event? Don’t worry about wrinkles in your outfit- bring us your holiday wear and ask for our “press only” prices. And if your dinner jacket or tuxedo fits a little snugger than it did last time you wore it, our tailoring department can add a little breathing room around the middle. We will have you looking your best to ring in 2022!

Buying a stylish, but functional winter coat: Tips to remember

Shearling can be fake or real. While both are warm, investment-category real shearling, with lamb- or poodle-looking fur, is wind and water-resistant.

Cons of real shearling:

  • Can stain and soil easily —  inspect after each wearing
  • Must be cleaned each season by a specialist
  • Should be stored in a cool, breathable environment

Down is, ounce for ounce, the warmest and lightest material. It is also the most compressible — and one of the most durable.


  • It’s more expensive than poly-fill
  • It’s complicated to clean and very slow to dry
  • May trigger allergies: down is not entirely hypoallergenic.

Poly-fill and “puffer” coats are easy to care for, hypoallergenic and offer a wide range of options.


  • Can be bulky to wear, won’t compact like down
  • Heavier than down
  • Breaks down over time

Wool and cashmere can be very warm, especially if lined. Both can be treated to be water-resistant — and provide a good barrier to cold and wind — but performance is specific to each coat. Cashmere is typically lighter and offers more mobility than basic wool.


  • Wool can be heavy and bulky to wear and store
  • Can take on an odor when wet
  • May be a problem for sensitive or allergic people

Having fits?

If you gained (or lost) a little around the middle during the pandemic, the summer or the fall, time to check for comfortable fit on your winter wear. You can always pick up a new pair of Spanx, roomier sweatpants or expandable comfort waist trousers. Better yet, our alterations department can usually do wonders up a size or down a couple on classic winter woolens.

Thanksgiving leftovers still on the tablecloth?

If your candles dripped on the tablecloth, let everything cool and peel the wax off with your fingers. If it’s stubborn, freeze the tablecloth, then scrape off the wax with a credit card. Wash in hot water to remove the remaining embedded wax. Better yet, and a lot easier, bring your begrimed table linens to us for expert stain removal, professional cleaning and wrinkle-free finishing. We’re experts at rescuing lace, linen and cotton blend napkins, runners and tablecloths.