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Greener and cleaner.

Spring’s a great time to change habits for a cleaner, healthier environment. Start by cutting down on water waste with shorter showers, full loads of laundry and dishes, filtered water instead of bottled. Repair and recycle appliances, furniture and clothing. Instead of tossing (eventually into a landfill) repair worn heels, replace zippers or restitch a sagging hem. We do more than clean – we can help keeping your wardrobe repaired, fitted and functional. And please, bring your wire hangers back for recycling.

Spring cleaning the bedrooms.

The next sunny day’s a good time to strip off winter bedding and clean pillows, comforters/duvets, quilts and blankets. Our commercial-size machines treat your fine bedding gently and we press and finish to perfection with professional equipment. Now’s a perfect … Continue reading

Spring cleaning early?

Start with the closets. Review your collection of winter wear and donate everything you didn’t use this year. Now inspect the keepers for damage, stains and wear. Mark problem areas with masking tape and we’ll repair, clean and press everything … Continue reading

Starched or soft?

Shirts can go both ways – let us know if you like a lot or a little starch for crispness. Or do you like a smooth softer feel instead? Our professionals launder and press shirts and blouses with the finish … Continue reading

Watch for wear.

Dress shirts, especially often-worn favorites, can show signs of aging after twenty or thirty wearings. Check your cuffs and collars for signs of wear. If you see darkness at the edges, you’re seeing the interfacing through worn fabric. Don’t forget the elbows. Thinning fabric that’s been stressed by elbow bending can tear or burst, never at a convenient time. You can trust our shirt laundry to keep your business wear working for you as long as possible.