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Line ‘em up.

Taking too long to decide what to wear? We make sure your clothes are facing the same direction so you can organize your wardrobe and get ready fast and easy for work or play. When hanging up your home washing, face them all the same way and keep like with like items – it’ll save you dressing time, but your closet will look years younger. And remember, sweaters on hangers is a no-no unless you’re going for a baggy look.

Don’t fear the fray.

Unfinished edges on new clothes are meant to fray naturally with wear and cleaning. Our gentle cleaning process and expert staff will keep them looking their best far longer than home care. Even if the tag says you can wash it at home, the aggressive action of most home machines may cause the collar or trim to unravel at an accelerated speed. We stay on top of the new fashions so you can keep looking great without wasting hard-earned dollars on an outfit that looks ragged after a single wash at home.

The bee’s knees of fashion.

Knee high socks and knee-length dresses are all over the runway this holiday season, and Victoria Beckham brings it all together in her 2012 runway show. Zipping up all the trends, bold military inspired colors with smooth silhouettes make any frame – from curvy to sleek – sexy and stylish. And don’t forget the essentials – handbags, hats and heels – mix and match to keep your wardrobe fresh and up to date while buzzing the streets and boardrooms. Her style accents the hourglass curves of everyday women – so stop watching the clock and pick your new favorite timeless piece before your next event.

Collar stay clutter?

Let us know your preference – we will gladly remove them from your shirts and not send them back. Would you like them returned separately so you can put in yourself? No problem, we have extras on hand and can include replacements with your next order. If you notice a darker color at the tip of your collar the culprit is an adhesive used in manufacturing. After frequent wear and care, it can migrate out and can leave a darker spot on your shirt collar.

Wire vs. wooden.

Don’t clutter your closet rod with old wire hangers or bulky wooden hangers. Return wire hangers to us for recycling, and replace heavy wooden hangers with lightweight fabric covered hangers. They make hanging delicates a cinch without slipping, and are sturdy enough to hold suits and heavy items. Their nice thin profile doesn’t take up space, leaving room for new shopping finds. Get decorative! They come in a range of styles, from plain black to artsy hand crafted fabrics; there is a hanger for every style and closet.