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Same weight but clothes feeling snugger?

Check your dryer settings and remember to never leave clothes unattended. The last 15% of drying time is when shrinkage occurs and it can be permanent. Instead, dry your clothes on delicate to avoid shrinkage and set the timer for a shorter period. You can always add time to dry, but can’t reverse it if you have dried too long. Another hint – don’t mix lightweight silks and rayons with heavier cottons and polyesters – they will dry out faster and are the most prone to heat damage, while the cottons stay wet and keep your dryer spinning.

Wild prints return.

Fashion friend or foe? No faux pas this season as the wild hit the runway. The animal prints of summer and metallic fabrics of last winter collide for the winter 2012 season with the kingdoms mixing and matching. Fake furs accent leopard print on snake pattern metallic fabrics – stunning bird patterns adorn vibrant textiles while feather like jackets move with each step. What’s better than that you ask? The styles aren’t just pouncing across the runway, but hitting stores across the nation. Check out Alexander McQueen’s 2012 winter runway to see one of the most respected designers inspiration, then jet to a local store like All Saints and grab a piece of this new style that you can wear any day or night.

We’ll get the mustard out.

Don’t want to get taken to the cleaners when someone takes you out to the ballgame? Yellow mustard is one of the hardest stains to remove, so act fast if it squirts on you. We can help, first thing Monday morning after the big game. We’ll work that yellow spot out of your outfit – and we never charge more for routine stain removal – like some of the other guys. We make going to the cleaners a fast, easy and affordable time so you can enjoy what matters, like another hotdog with the works.

Let’s rap about wrap.

Plastic wrap isn’t just for food – it’s a great time-saver for organizing special linens, sheet and towels. Match up sets of guest linens and holiday items and get to wrapping. Plastic wrap is a quick easy way to keep items together and folded neatly until the next time you want them, and protects against dust during storage. When guests arrive, you won’t have to go digging to find a matching sheet or pillowcase.

Holiday stain relief.

The holidays are just around the corner, usually including red wine, rich gravy, cocktails and sugary treats. What else do the celebrations bring? Accidental spills on your favorite clothes and household linens – with some of the toughest stains to remove: acid, sugar and oil based food and beverages. Help us by following a few guidelines: never rub, pick or wipe clean – treat the boo-boo as a no-problem comic relief, gently blot the spill and remove any excess then get it to us pronto for professional stain removal.