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Fashion Forward: Organic Clothing

Organic clothing has been taken to a new level. Check out the newest breakthrough in eco-friendly clothing made from milk – you read that right – milk! It has been woven into a silky fiber as an alternative to cotton, free from pesticides and other contaminants. The process saves resources and is dubbed a “green fashion with a difference.” Watch the video and see if milk fiber is your next big fashion must have!

The Closet Manager: Space getting cramped?

Is your closet space getting cramped? Let us help you save your precious memories—bring your wedding gown in for preservation. We will carefully clean and package your gown, allowing you to keep it for future generations – and your closet will thank you! Properly packaged, your gown will easily fit on shelves or under the bed, and you can rest easy knowing it will be just as beautiful 25 years after you walked down the aisle! Our cleaning and preservation program is also great for christening gowns, prom dresses and couture.

A Greener World: Going green

“Going green” doesn’t mean giving up hard earned greenbacks – we use earth-friendly cleaning products and methods to take care of your clothes and we are able to do it without charging extra. We are locally owned and operated and passionate about saving our neighbors’ money and wardrobe. Trust us to keep you looking good and feeling good about your cleaning choices.

Our website grand opening

We're excited about the grand opening of our new website, and hope you'll find it informative and easy to use. Make sure to browse our extensive Tips section, check out our wide range of services and read a little bit about our history and where we came from.

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