Do What Is Right for Your Suits.

When it comes to wardrobe quality, suits provide a special effect — for the observer as well as the suit wearer. A good suit, properly tailored and maintained, makes the best of any physique, and a good fit is naturally comfortable. Of course, few people can afford to buy new suits constantly. In fact, most of us want our suits to look new for as long as possible. That’s where we can help. In addition to our expertise in cleaning and finishing, keeping a great suit in peak condition requires knowledge of a few key points:

Keep Your Suit Together: It’s important to provide identical care to the suit pants and the suit coat. Wear them together, not as separates with other garments and have them drycleaned together. This helps ensure consistent color and texture of the fabric over time.

Protect from Fading: Try to keep suits, especially dark blue, gray, black and brown suits, out of bright sunlight. Routinely hanging the suit coat in a sunny office window, for example, will cause the coat to become lighter than the suit pants over time. This will surely impair the visual appeal of the suit.

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