Wedding Gown Preservation —Don’t Wait for a Formal Invitation.

Once the excitement of the wedding day has passed, there’s typically a period of much needed inactivity. Well, we don’t mean to nag, but one thing that should not be put off for long is professional cleaning and packaging of your wedding gown — preserving the memories it will long represent. That’s because the passage of time can allow even unseen stains to set-in permanently.

What stains, you say? After all, it was a wedding not a pig roast! Yes, but remember when the champagne started flowing and bubbling over...remember cutting the wedding cake and what a scene that turned into? Well, any alcohol or soda that may have found its way into the gown’s fabric, as well as cake frosting and frosting dyes, are sources of a common wedding gown problem — caramelized sugar stains. The caramelized sugar stain may sound exotic, almost appetizing, but it can ruin a wedding gown.

Having your wedding gown — and bridesmaids dresses too — cleaned promptly after the big day will provide the greatest success of preserving them for the future — stain free.

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